What is Boudoir photography


Boudoir photography, morning gift photography, secret box photography. Beloved one has many names Boudoir images are given as morning gifts for the loved one after the first night as newlywed, birthday and Christmas present or boudoir images are taken as memories just to one’s own secret box. Boudoir images are for ordinary women, not only for tall model-sized women but also XXL and XXS -sized, tall ans short, old and young.

Boudoir images come very like the photographer sees them as an artist, but usually the purpose of the photographs are to show classical, tasteful image of the giver of the present photograph. Romantic image of oneself is very personal and pleasent present and way to tell your love to your loved one.

In the boudoir images one is usually dressed in the lingerie or just in night gown and high heels. Sometime boudoir images are taken fully naked, but same time the purpose of the image is to show classic beauty. The couple or man can also be photographed with the boudoir style. The boudoir photography session can be held at the client’s home, in the hotel or somewhere else wanted place, for example in the nature near the lake. Taking the combination of bedroom and bed to the boudoir-image is common and really classical style.

How to prepare?

The most important thing for boudoir photography is that your photographer is a professionla photographer as the pro can highlight the best parts of you. You can choose just those kinds of outfits where you feel sexy and beautiful. The images can be taken for example in th elingerie or fully naked. One important thing before boudoir session is that you put on something loose and comfortable already on the day time: the skin gets less marks from clothes like those red ones. To hair and make-up is nice to wear a buttoned shirt as when getting ready to be photographed taking the shirt off won’t mess up your make-up or hair.

To whom the boudoir photography is?

Boudoir photography is to all who wants classically beautiful, sexy images for yourself or as present to your loved one. The actual boudoir photography session does not need to be nervous about, you can come to the session just like you are now. If there is some part in your body that you do not like we will hide it with poses and we will higlight the parts you like the best.

So contact us now, if you want boudoir images of yourself or of your loved one!

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