Your experience


Booking your photography sesion: your photographer Niko Paulanne is usually booked 3-4 weeks beforehand, but do not hesitate to contact us and check out if you can be photographed sooner. Sometimes it is even possible arrange your session the very next day! So contact us!

Arrive to be photographied

When you arive to be photographied, for example to the center of the town, you can park your car to the parking spots we have have given the driving instructions beforehand. At your photosession location you will be greeted by your photographer and you can reach him by phone 30 minutes beforehand if necessary. If you have chosen hair and make-up services, you will be first stylized by our professional stylist! (hair and make-up fee is additional 95€ – please notice that stylist services are included in the Luxus Platinum Supermodel Collection).

If your photosession is located in your own place, your photographer and stylist will arrive around 15 minutes beforehand the chosen photosession time. Your photographer can also be reached by phone 30 minutes beforehand if necessary.


When your hair and make-up is ready and your photography session is ready to start, you will chat with you photographer about your photosession. You will decide together what kind of surroundings and outfits you will have in your photographs.

Changing the cloths

After the consultation you can change your first outfit! In general we recommend that you bring to your photosession a couple of your favourite outfits (2-4 is usually good). One of the most classic boudoir-outfits is simple black corset and it works everytime on the photographs. If you like to remember to bring outfit matching your favourite jewelry!

Photography session…


And now it is time to photograph! Depending on your chosen number of Productions your session last from 30 minutes to 2 hours! (A little side note we recommend to choose 3 or 4 Productions because that way you will have a lot more variation in your session.) In your photosession we we will certainly have fun times and we promise you will leave smiling from your -experience!

We tell you what to do…

Most of the women are nervous before boudoir-session and we often hear “I do not know how to pose sexy in front of camera!”. Fear that not at all, because you will always be guided by our -photograoger. Our photographer will guide you through whole session and we show and tell you exactly what kind of poses you can choose for your photographs! So relax, enjoy your boudoir-session and especially have fun!

Choosing your images…

When your photography session has ended we will arrange new meeting, which can as early as next day. In your meeting you have an opportunity to see all of your images in your very on premier. During your premier, after you have seen all of your images, we will help you to choose the best of the best of your images, those images you just need to have. This is the time when you will also make any additional purchases on other products you might like to get (like our popular product, the super gorgeous Luxus Secret Book!).

Your order…

After you have placed your order, we start post-production (every image you ordered get treated once more) and we also order all the purchased products. Your products will be delivered to you by post usually in two weeks time. (please notice: depending on ordered products the delivery time may be longer).